Where: Strangers become Friends,

Friends become Disciples,

and Disciples change the World.

Strangers become Friends. People’s lives are full enough of casual acquaintances. While we live most of our lives like strangers to others, what most of us want are meaningful relationships with genuine friends.

At Center Grove Church you will find an outwardly focused culture of intentional friendships.  We value relationships more than programs. We believe there is always room for another friend.  However, we are more than just a “friendly” church. God created us to be friends with Him, and the only way is through faith in Jesus Christ. The community of Center Grove Church wants everyone to experience personal friendship with God. We continually invite others into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Friends become disciples. God wants more than friendship from us. God wants disciples who know, love, and serve Jesus. The Center Grove Church family is committed to a life long process of spiritual growth for all ages. We are a learning, praying, worshipping and serving community.

Disciples change the World. At Center Grove Church we don’t just tell the Good News – we live the Good News in the real world. We proclaim and demonstrate to the world that God is alive and rules on earth.

Ours is a global and local mission. The church’s blessing is to be a blessing to the World

How does this happen at Center Grove Church?

• Strangers become Friends through: User-friendly and dynamic worship that invites each person into the presence of God; A focus on building relationships; Opportunities for
genuine community with a variety of smaller groups; Ministries that touch the needs of people of all ages; Prayer.
• Friends become Disciples through: Making friendship, prayer, scripture, and service the foundation of every group; Teaching, learning and practicing Christian values; Encouraging and exemplifying Christian character; Discovering and using our spiritual gifts; Prayer.
• Disciples Change the World through: Understanding our culture and living with Christ filled relevancy within it; Responding to the physical, material, emotional, and spiritual
needs of our immediate community; Providing financial support of missionaries and Mission Agencies that proclaim the Gospel to other cultures; Supporting cross-cultural
mission trips; Prayer.