Bye Bye Birdie

Cast List for Bye Bye Birdie

We have double cast this show, so how does that work?  Those roles that have a name listed under both columns are double cast and will perform on their cast’s nights as the lead and in other chorus roles on their off night.   The casts will each perform at 4 of the performances.  Those roles that are only listed in the first column with no one in the second will perform in all 8 performances.

When will they perform? Morning Glory cast will perform the evening performance on October 27, matinee on the 28th, and again the following weekend for the evening performance on November 4 and matinee on the 5th.  Nightingale cast will perform the evening performance on October 28, matinee on the 29th, and again the following weekend for the evening performance on November 3, and matinee on the 4th.

In order to make the cast list as simple as possible to read, you’ll need to know the key for the asterisks:
*=Sad Girl
**=One Boy Trio

Role Morning Glory Cast Nightingale Cast
Albert/Parent Chorus Zach Hoover*** Jordan Crump***
Rosie/Parent Chorus Morgan Jackson Rachel Krodel
Birdie Keegan Click*** Jacob Noble***
Kim Briana Ayres Olivia Eaker
Mr. Mac/Parent Chorus Matthias Neidenberger*** Caleb Wilson***
Mrs. Mac/Parent Chorus Olivia Schemmel** Grace Hendershot**
Randolph/Younger Teen Chorus Krishaan Vadia*** Colby Sanders***
Mae Peterson/Parent Chorus Hannah Work** Lilly Neeson**
Ursula Merkle/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Anna Miles Hannah Crumbacher
Hugo Cole Brinkley
Gloria Rasputin Delaney Duncan
Harvey Johnson/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Ewan McDuffee*** Sam Woods***
Mayor Adam Haynes
Helen/One Boy Trio/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Hailey Bentman Breanna Woods*
Nancy/Parent Chorus Silvia Seidle* Jocelyn Brake
Alice/Parent Chorus/One Boy Trio Samantha Jones Sarah Haynes*
Deborah Sue/Parent Chorus Madysen Smith* Audrey Troxell
Margie/Younger Teen Chorus Emma Copes* Mary Krodel
Penelope Ann/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Ella Haganman Meredith Ziegler*
Suzie/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Amber Hayden Hanna Riggers*
Fred/Teen Boy Chorus Josh Hoover***
Karl/Guitar Man/Soldier’s Chorus Micah Landis*** Derek Johnstone***
Mayor’s Wife/Parent Chorus Emily Crump
Mrs. Merkle/Parent Chorus Olivia Ludlow
Mr. Johnson/Parent Chorus Randy Morgan
Maude/Bartender/Parent Chorus Johnny Gaiffe***
Mrs. Johnson/Parent Chorus Ashley Aldridge Eliana Atwell
Lee (Leigh)/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Elizabeth Gray
Phyllis/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Maria Stremming
Doctor/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Angela Peng
Stage Manager/Parent Chorus Helena Donaldson*
Reporter 1/Parent Chorus Sara Angle
Reporter 2/Parent Chorus Nate Penrod
Adult/Parent Chorus Anna Bullock
Wardrobe Woman/Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Bella Hyman Savannah Harrison
Stage Hand/Younger Teen Chorus Evie Krodel
Sweet Apple Teen Chorus Anna Marcus*
Anna Imbornone
Hannah Hewitt**
Ella McDuffee**
Grayson Meece
Anna Muir
Gracie Allen
Katerina Linville
Kennedy Keiper
Krista Ennis
Lily Kortepeter
Macy Spangler
Naomi Himes
Nicole Schneider
Younger Teen Chorus Addison Whitecotten
Annalee Ennis
Antonia Troxell
Ava Waggoner
Brilynn Knauss
Brooke Hays
Charleigh Ennis
Ella Horvath
Emily Imbornone
Emma Richardson
Erica Zhao
Erika Hayden
Isha Tandon
Jessica Mitchell
Mason Jackson
Riley Miller
Soldier’s Chorus/Teen Boy Chorus Devyn Knauss
Miles Furnee
Logan Goff
Ethan Wood
Policeman/Teen Boy Chorus Wyatt Schlageter
Gabriel Krodel
Ethan Horvath
Will Hyman
Sawyer Swain