What to Expect

CGC Sanctuary empty.jpg

We are a friendly community of people who are eager to worship God together. Members of our welcome team will greet you at the door, and again during the service. We share the essentials, such as the location of the sanctuary, bathroom, children’s check-in, and most importantly, where to get coffee!

We encourage you to ask questions. However, we also recognize that it is hard to visit a church for the first time, so we won’t deploy a “full-court press.”  Take your time, look around, and check us out. If it looks and feels like a gathering of people where you can engage in your faith journey in authentic way, then let’s talk more.

What should I wear?

If you’re wondering about a ‘dress code’, we encourage everyone to wear whatever is comfortable. We firmly believe what Jesus says about clothes: “Do not worry what you will wear.” God is way more interested in what is in our hearts and minds than what we wear to church.